3 Benefits to Drink your Sun Protection this Summer

by Adam Palmer March 23, 2017

It’s April! You know what that means…

Clocks springing forward. Pushed back sunsets. Warmth in the air and summer lingering around the corner. Before you know it you’ll be at the hottest pool party, beachside vacation or enjoying a music festival in the least amount of clothing you own.

I seen’t it!

I’m no genius but long hours under the sun without any protection is the fastest way to look like a lobster. It’s understandable some people are not good at using topically applied medications or just think they’re a superhero so dismiss sun protection as a whole.

A recent statistic published by the American Academy of Dermatology showed that only 14% of men and 29% of woman use sunscreen on their face and exposed areas regularly. If you think about it those numbers are very low.

I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you but too much exposure to the sun without any protection is one of the riskiest ways to increase chances of skin cancer and a sure way to gain a shit ton of wrinkles faster than you’d like.

But we’re young, we’re invincible so who cares. We deal with things as they come.

Let’s be honest though, Sunscreen is extremely effective.

But you may be the type who forgets to use your sunscreen or bring the bottle everywhere you go or just dislike the feeling against your skin.

Then again some people are on their A game all the time and even have a whole buddy system when it comes sunscreen - you rub my back I’ll rub yours.

But for those of you who suck at buddy systems hanging outside of the 14-29% of perfectionists who use sunscreen on a daily basis and dislike anything lotion-like against your skin I present to you a substitute called UVO.

UVO is liquid. A flavored drink.

A tasty flavored drink known to protect your skin from the sun.

No you’re not drinking sun lotion.

Instead, it’s synergistic combination of powerful vitamins and ingredients such as phytonutrients and antioxidants that are scientifically proven to protect and repair your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, sun protection shouldn’t be a single product or one thing that you do…it should be a mindset.

This liquid supplement which tastes pretty much like Sunny D should be included in that arsenal.

Scientific research, clinical studies, and the dermatologist behind the creation successfully proves each of it’s individual ingredients to provide protection from the effects of the sun.

30+ of ingredients to be exact - into a single delicious supplement to provide some benefits during time spent outdoors.

1. One Bottle Lasts 3 - 5 Hours of Sun Protection

Based on the instructions it’s critical to drink a bottle at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun so you give it enough time to absorb into your system. Much in the same sense we drink a pre-workout supplement before hitting the gym. It’s most effective 15-30 minutes prior to hitting the gym. Hence the “pre”. Based on clinical studies longevity of sun protection depends on your skin type. So for people with very fair skin realize you will only get 3 hours of protection vs someone with darker skin who gets 5 hours.

2. It enhances your immune system and positively impacts your wellness

All of you Vitamin believers will be glad to know that UVO is a super supplement. Each bottle serving contains enough Vitamins (A, C, D, E, zinc, folate and the list goes on) for a daily dose. Ingredients which supports your brain, heart, kidneys, liver, prostate, bones, cartilage, skin, hair, eyes, immune system and can even enhance your mood and energy levels. With it’s antioxidants See Drink UVO site for a list of UVO’s key ingredients. Last and most importantly not least….

3. It Tastes Great with a Mix Drink

The first time I drank UVO was at Coachella. We were making drinks in our campsite when my cousin had the brilliant idea of mixing UVO with Vodka. It tasted amaze balls. It was genius because not only where we drinking and having fun under the miserable sun but it also acted as a Sun Shield.

10 UVO Powder Packets (0.26 oz each packet) - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK (AVAILABLE 06/05/17)


UVO is the first multi-functional drink mix supplement specifically formulated by a dermatologist to protect and repair your skin from sun damage. UVO’s scientifically proven ingredients work from the inside out making it a healthy, easy, convenient and tasty way to healthy skin. Drink UVO (1) before sun exposure for 3-5 hours of supplemental sun protection from head to toe including your eyes, (2) after overexposure to the sun to help soothe the skin, and (3) daily to repair years of sun damage, provide anti-aging benefits, beautify the skin and promote overall health and wellness. UVO was made for everyone that is exposed to the sun especially those with an active outdoor lifestyle.

$ 19.95

Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer